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Old version of GTA-5 suddenly no longer works

  • If this has been answered already please just point me in the right direction of where I need to go but I've been playing an old version of GTA-5 from early 2016 because I got tired of customizing the game just the way I wanted only for it to be wiped out upon the next Rockstar update. I remember I used to have to install an updated scripthook file but that was before I started using a second GTA-V folder. I strictly play Story Mode OFFLINE and like a lot of people, I maintain two different 'Grand Theft Auto V' folders and will switch back & forth depending on when Rockstar requires a connection to their server to 'verify' the game and then I switch back to the OLD game folder. Strangely, for the first time in two years now, the old game folder suddenly won't allow the game to start even after I've switched to the current game folder and connected to Rockstar's servers and gotten 'verified'. When I switch back to the old game folder and restart the game like I've been doing successfully for TWO YEARS now I'm suddenly getting the "Can't connect to Rockstar server" error. There have been a lot of Rockstar updates over the past two years but they have NEVER affected the old game folder... until now. The current (unmodified) vanilla game folder starts and runs just fine. It was updated just before this problem began so I can only assume it's related to that. My question is what do I need to do to get my old game folder to work again? There's obviously a lot I don't know but I think so far I've been lucky and have gotten things to work all this time so please forgive me if this is a common issue for everyone else. I'm an older player and disabled with Parkinson's Disease and things are not so clear to me, especially when they happen as infrequently as this but I'm just unsure of what happened to cause the regular procedure I've been using all this time of switching folders to suddenly fail to work. Please let me know what I need to do so I can hopefully play my favorite game again.


    My OCD won't let me read your words


  • I tried explaining it in the preferred 12 word sentence but I didn't know how much info people might need. Thanks for all the help just the same . . .

  • @RanditoCarlito

    hey brother , my guess is :
    once you log out or restart and have to start up the game again , you are basically fucked since the log in can change the entire game.
    I should have never logged out and would be happy modding still today.
    now we are praying to the mercy of script hook v if they will come up with an update,.
    so we can. mod again
    until that time I guess we have to go outside and enjoy the real life

    I might be wrong in my opinion , but it just seems this way


    @RanditoCarlito said in Old version of GTA-5 suddenly no longer works:

    I tried explaining it in the preferred 12 word sentence

    your first sentence is 57 words long

  • @Reacon My sides man!

  • @Reacon I guess the part of me being disabled went over your head. I have maybe 3-5 decent years left and I'm doing the best I can guys. Had I known this is a forum where the disabled are made fun of I would have just stayed the hell off. This type of bullying isn't what I signed up for. I'll take care of this another way. Sorry I said anything at all.


    OP, you have to realise we get these kinds of vaguely worded questions every day or so and most users are tired of deciphering what was typed. No need to get upset that nobody plowed through enough to get to the end where you mention you have Parkinson's, for which you have my sympathy.

    So, the TL;DR of the problem:

    • OP's running 2 installations - an unmodded one for GTA:O, and a modded one from 2016.
    • The modded install doesn't start any more after the last GTA:O update.

    I don't know the solution. It sounds like you're using the R* Warehouse/retail version instead of Steam, so you might want to give the launcher bypass a try.

    As for ScriptHookV, as long as you stay on the 2016 version, you don't need to update it.

  • And that's precisely why I tried to provide as much info as I could, only to be made fun of. We seem to live in an age where kids have zero attention span. If it's more than a few words long you're made fun of. If you're older you're made fun of. If you're disabled you're made fun of. Like I said, sorry I asked. I had no idea this was a site that openly permits the bullying, abuse and harassment of the disabled, and even more disappointing is the how one of your own moderators (ReNNie) was the first to jump on the bandwagon. This is wrong to treat disabled people this way, and furthermore, it's against the law. The owner(s) of this site are going to find themselves answering for why they allow it if they choose to do nothing about this.

  • @RanditoCarlito

    hey man , just to let you know ,
    in the past week. also I was landed in the update nightmare that I did not ask for , it was just forced into my face.
    resulting that NOTHING works and needs days or weeks of intensive research how to get GTAV back to working again.
    Than a miracle happened ,. @reacon advised me to use BypassLauncher . and so I gave it a chance .
    I could not believe it, but I am back to my normal situation . and do not have to worry about any update anymore in the future.
    Not sure what is your exact situation, just saying, to take a closer look at this specific mod that can help you out to make things go back working again as the had before. good luck. as well with your health and with the game.



    I apologize if my post upset you
    As @ikt explained we get all sorts of users asking vague questions

    Your post was and is nearly unreadable to me on my mobile thus making it impossible for me to help you, that's what I playfully pointed out

    I did not know you're disabled, had no intention of making fun of you and frankly am surprised you're this quick in your judging and threatening with the law

  • @ReNNie We're done.

  • I think all you @Global-Moderators and the @administrators need to find a quiet corner and ask yourselves "What's our problem?". Because you have one and this poor guy is another victim of it.

    @ReNNie You couldn't read his post properly on mobile, yet instead of thinking "I'll reply when I can read it" you chose a snarky reply instead... why? Why not take the grown-up option, read everything, then reply? Does that little green tag mean so little?

    Are users such an inconvenience to you all? If so, why are any of you moderators? Why not just accept you're not right for the responsibility and pass it on to someone who is? Or is the person running this place so desperate, that anyone can have the job and stuff the consequences?

    @ikt The guy's living with parkinsons and you tell him there's no need to get upset someone couldnt read his post properly? Maybe you'll understand that more when your life is on the clock... its something you do get upset about, because it takes as long to read it as it does to find a wiki link on OCD. People can always find the time for sarcasm it seems.

    @RanditoCarlito you have my deepest sympathy, sadly my time is in short supply to help. But i think you have discovered, "intolerance" is a favourite word here, I hope one of the helpful people turn up to aid you with your problem. I've only had an account here a short time but i am going to delete it, there's no respect here, for anyone.


    I certainly agree. "If you've got nothing nice or worthwhile to say, don't say it at all" springs to mind -- and that applies whether you're a moderator, admin or "just" a normal user. I have reminded Rennie of this as that answer was completely unjustified.

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