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cant load gta v with redux?

  • I install it correctly and when i run gta v nothing happens. Its says its going in task manager but there is nothing on my screen.

  • @maybach123 you have to copy X64 -update - X64a and X64w in to your "mods" folder right and install Redux afterwards right? Well this seemed to be crashing on my system right after startup somehow.. so after i basically tried anything, deleted all of my mods,. reinstalled my GTA V nothing was helping.. So i found out the Error was coming from one of the X64. So what i did was Copied all of the X64 files in the main folder of GTA V including the one Author said to do so Update and x64 and Common.rpf and copied them all inside my mods folder. after that, i installed Redux via the OIV package installer on Open IV. When it was done i launched my game the same way, and it loaded indside my V and further on to Story mode without any crashes or Erroers! Make sure to close all of your 3rd party programs/Apps running, like MSI Afterburner, Rivatuna, Geforce Experience, Fraps, Mirillis Action, and so on. you can activate them again once you're past the loading screen to story mode. Also i will suggest to run the game in "Borderlesss Fullscreen" and get Patchday 1 update as it fixes crashes every 5-10 minutes. Hope this method works out for some of you, untill it get's fixed properly. Good luck!

  • Up please

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