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New Script Hook V not loading story mode

  • Hi all,
    I finally got to download the latest version of script hook V but now my story mode will not load, it says windows program has suddenly stopped working. I also downloaded Script hook v dot. Do I have to download that update too? I haven't even ever tried mods, it's been a week long headache, hopefully someone can help me to get this to work finally. Thanks

  • @nycb87 YES MAN!!! Ofcourse you do. What do you think the point of updating scripthookv is for, to support the latest DLC. You ABSOLUTELY need to update your game, OR you can ignore the update, and still use the previous version of scripthookv.

  • I'm new to modding, so I'm exactly sure what I'm doing. I know to download script hook V, but there is also a script hook V dot, they are two different things. I don't see an update for Script hook V dot.

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