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only copy the single file instead of the mod entire folder

  • before I try and spend hours, let me ask first,
    in GTAV I want to mod 1 car , for example .
    it is only a 4 mb small car.
    now I have to copy his entire folder to the mod folder which is about 2 GB
    so to mod the little 5 mb car will cost me 2 GB from my HD
    do that 5 times with different folders and I have to pay maybe over 10 GB for about 3 or 4 little stupid cars.
    which are no larger in size than maybe 25 MB all in total , not 10GB !

    what if I delete all other files in that 2GB modded folder and just keep that tiny 5 mb car inside
    that will save me lots of wasted GB on my drive that are not used but just copied for some reason or no reason.
    ok maybe it s 20 MB but you got the point.
    but would this work ?
    or am I forced to take the entire 2GB folder when I want to mod that tiny 5mb car ?


    You need to copy over the entire archive file yes. If you do not wish to do this, consider using add-ons.

    Edit - Apparently I'm wrong. See the next post.

  • No, you don't need to copy the whole archive. Find a nice small partchday folder, like 18ng, copy that into your mods folder. Add the yft, ytd etc... to x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf in that patchday folder and add the updated meta info (if you have changed it) into the latest update.rpf... Boom instant replace in less than 5MB of space used.

    Or if you want to keep things super organised, make your own replace dlc pack.

    Replace files just need to be in a later dlc than the original files, nice and easy. Have fun dude. :smile:

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