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Is it possible to change ped models in game? (not the player character)

  • Is there a mod to change peds in game, for example picking a ped from the street and changing the model to someone else. Object spooner allows me to change the clothing of a ped among many other things but not change the ped model itself. Don't know if this is possible.

  • @Ravenman13 what do you mean? A little more explanation would help people to understand the requirement more clearly.

    Are you looking to randomly change all the peds around player or a specific one which player aims/selects?

  • @ashishcw Yes, I'm wondering if it is possible to point at a ped and be able to change the ped model to any ped in game, without changing what the ped is doing.

    So I would be a able to point at a ped doing it's thing and then change the ped from a list retaining what it was doing.

  • @Ravenman13 AFAIK, this can be done using the script based mods. A custom script has to be written for it. Though, the second part what you have mentioned about On going, Action of ped should remain as it is would create a bit of a hurdle but this can be done using the scripts.

    I am in the middle of the developing my own mod right now, else I would've given it a try.

    If no other modders try this, I might give it a try, but only after I am done with the mod I am working on. :D

  • Ok, thanks for the information. There are many mods that spawn a ped but non that replace a ped in game.
    Would be useful for changing shopkeeper peds or ambulance/police, during the a session of a game.

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