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DLC Cars Disappearing?

  • Hi all,

    I finally updated GTA V to the newest update. I backed up all my mods, so I spent some time today re-editing and re-installing all the necessary files to get back up and running.

    Luckily my games works fine for the most part. But I noticed that any time I try to spawn a DLC car with Menyoo, it'll disappear after a few seconds. I'm guessing this is our old pals at R* trying to combat modders.

    I was able to spawn DLC cars in the last update just fine. I'm using all the same files and mods as I was a few days ago before the update, with the exception of an updated gameconfig.

    Like I said all my add-on cars work and so do the base game cars. I'm using Menyoo, so I was wondering if that's the issue and I just need to wait for an update for that? Not a big issue right now as I only use maybe 2 DLC cars every now and then. And of course I expected something to break with the update. Anybody else have this issue?

  • @camismacho You will probably need to wait for the trainer update, because it happened to me too, all new dlc cars are disappearing after few seconds so I must wait for the Simple trainer to get updated...

  • @camismacho @MrJiNx
    use https://de.gta5-mods.com/scripts/mp-vehicles-in-sp has worked for me but im using simple trainer

  • @MaxLuk simple trainer is also my favorite so I will wait for the update, but tnx anyway

  • @MrJiNx simple trainer showed me all new dlc vehicles as added vehicles and with this asi they do not despawn u dont need to wait for an update, try out the scramjet^^

  • hey so I have the same problem does anyone know if there is already a new version of these trainers or does Menyoo still have to be updated?



    Have you read the replies above?

    Try Simple Trainer or Spawn MP vehicles in SP

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