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Multiplayer scripts info

  • Hello.
    To be able to play online with the mods installed, simply delete the OpenIV.asi file to deactivate them and do not risk the ban.
    As for the scripts instead? Both those installed in the /scripts folder, and those in the main folder. It is necessary to delete/deactivate them by deleting a file (such as openiv.asi for mods) or they must be left because you do not risk the ban??

  • You can't play GTA: Online with mods. If you wish to play online with friends with mods, try FiveM or some other similar thing like that.

    If you used OpenIV's "mods" folder, you can simply disable the asi loader (dinput8.dll) and the game should be as good as unmodded.

  • @ikt If disabled the asi loader deactivates the mods, but the scripts? Do I have to remove them manually or can I leave them enabled for online?

  • @Matu94
    The scripts are loaded through ScriptHookV, itself being loaded by the asi loader. If you disable the asi loader, ScriptHookV, mods depending on ScriptHookV and basically all other asi scripts will be disabled.

  • @ikt Ah ok. Thank you very much for helping.

  • @ikt Ah one last thing: as for the other scripts instead (.lua, .dll, .cs, .vb)? Can they be left to play online or should they be removed to avoid ban? Should the elimination be necessary, how should it be done? Removing the various scripts individually or there is a single file to delete (like the asi loader for mods and script .asi)? Or even for them just remove the asi loader?

  • @Matu94
    dinput8.dll loads ScriptHookV and .asi mods
    The lua and ScriptHookVDotNet (.cs/.dll/.vb) use ScriptHookV (and are .asi) so those are also disabled.

  • @ikt Perfect! Thank you!

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