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Airdancer texture

  • So im running a FiveM server and i have a ymap(xml map but converted to a format that FiveM can read) with the airdancer prop(p_airdancer_01_s)alt text
    but i do not like that it says "Total Bender" on the airdancer prop so i tried to search for the prop name in openiv but i could not find any files for that prop so i can't find a ytd file and change the texture
    so does anyone know a way to edit the texture for the airdancer prop?

  • I just found a "p_cloth_airdancer_s.yft"
    inside of
    GTA V > x64g.rpf > levels > gta5 > generic > cutsobjects.rpg
    but i did not find any ytd files
    this is what the yft file looked like:
    And there is no texture on that except for the orange color
    i also found this dds texture embedded in the yft file:
    but that has no text on it!
    anyone got a answer?

  • Thank you so much @Dekurwinator That worked for me! one thing doe, How do you find the locations of ytd files and stuff? cause iam looking into changing billboards too!

  • @Dekurwinator said in Airdancer texture:

    @BakobGaming im using CodeWalker

    @Dekurwinator And where exactly in CodeWalker can you see the file location fo a model?
    alt text


    just search the name of it in openiv

    edit: i THINK it sahows you the model name in models tab

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