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ScripthookV and other script files not being loaded

  • Hello there!

    So I've modded GTA5 before but this is wierd, I modded a copy of my genuine download of the Rockstar version of the game.

    It's on the latest After Hours update (1.0.1493.0).

    I haven't done a ton to the game but I've added ped addon menu and menyoo and none are getting loaded, no log files in the game folder as well.

    I tried using OpenIV's ASI Loader option and downloading directly and trying redownloading everything again.

    Perhaps it's loading the genuine copy because of the registry? No idea.


    Uh, have you done your usual checklist of stuff after an update? This might help

    In short, use the latest versions of scripts. Some may not have been updated. OpenIV is not affected by ScriptHookV.

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