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Vehicle painting bugs

  • I didnt replace any vehicle, n have 100+add-on s.. and this bugs apply on the vehicle randomly..
    I m trying to fix it n still no any lucks n i ll keep working on it, hope you guys could give mea clue much obliged!


    is this an add-on model, if so, which one, difficult to make out in your darkened screenshot?

    could it be one of your added vehicles accidentally has the same name as another add-on model or as a vanilla model?

  • @ReNNie tks for replying me!! i m kinda figure out but still working on it! this bug only applies on the stoke vehicle, so far it has only happened on ruiner..and this car right here.. I found its because the vehicle.meta, now i mfixing it! tks again!!

  • I bet you have NVR installed. After the latest gameupdate this happened to me to. Goin to the NVR.rar Folder / Optional Addons folder / NaturalVision Uninstaller and use the NVR Vehicle Emissive Textures uninstaller to fix that issue.

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