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Trying to make work some Add-On's


    Hello guys!

    I'm having problems to make working the Add-On cars I'm making from Replace cars, you can take the Pagani Huayra from @Vans123 as example.

    I do all the process (car, tuning and data files) as I always did it for other cars that are working fine, but for this one and others like the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing and Growler (all of them are uploaded in GTA5-Mods) no.

    After that, I can spawn the cars in-game, BUT, I can't enter into it, because when I try it they crash the game. My question is:

    ¿I'm forgetting any file that's needed for this cars to work properly?

    Data files used to make any of these Add-On's:

    • Handling.meta
    • Vehicles.meta
    • Carcols.meta
    • Carvariations.meta

    If someone did an Add-On with any MPLUXE/MPLUXE2/MPHEIST DLC folder cars, just let me know if you used any other data file or you needed to do something different as for any other Add-On, thanks!


    SOLVED!! Problem was that we need to put "anim" and "ai" folders from MPLUXE DLC folder into our Add-On (only "vehiclelayouts.meta" and "clip_sets.xml" files) ;)

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