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DLC Gone

  • guys i just started installing mods to my gta v. i think i have the latest version of the game so i might have all the dlc but after i install a few mods and opened the game i noticed that when i went to legedary motorsport website it have a different older looking UI and fewer cars i havent check other websites but does this mean my dlc is gone? if so then how do i recover it?

  • @KillingE4 you can’t buy all the dlc cars in single player so your games fine

  • Banned

    @Reacon "so your games fine"

    Correction: "so your game is fine"

    Or: "so your game's fine"

    Do you Scott's not know the English language! shakes fist in air

  • @eshenk Who is Scott?

  • @krissboo he means Scots, i'm scottish

  • @Reacon I know, I was taking the piss out of him. I should have added a ;)

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