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Latest version of Menyoo has a keylogger and a trojan.

  • The virus total scan that was put on gta5mods is outdated. I downloaded the latest version of Menyoo, and here are the results.



    I suspect that's just part of the disabled GTA:O related stuff, plus it probably has some anti-debugging stuff built in.

  • @ikt said in Latest version of Menyoo has a keylogger and a trojan.:

    GTA:O related stuff, plus

    Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric 20180801
    CAT-QuickHeal Trojan.Cloxer 20180728
    CrowdStrike Falcon (ML) malicious_confidence_90% (D) 20180723
    Cylance Unsafe 20180801
    DrWeb Adware.Downware.10565 20180801
    Sophos ML heuristic 20180717
    McAfee Artemis!6569D745305A 20180801
    McAfee-GW-Edition BehavesLike.Win64.Generic.tc 20180801
    Rising Trojan.Cloxer!8.F54F (CLOUD) 20180801
    TrendMicro-HouseCall Suspicious_GEN.F47V0716

    Come on now, that can't be "part of the disabled GTA:O related stuff".

    There's a trojan, an adware and other very nasty stuff. I don't believe for a second this is some anti-debugging stuff either.

    There is some huge warning signs of safety issues here and I'm extremely shocked it wasn't taken down from the site.


    Where did you download the "latest version" of Menyoo from? I just reuploaded and reanalysed the most up-to-date download available on 5Mods using VirusTotal and the report is here: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/d07b0e4f5b174dba18a0b37dcb3a56d18dfc294f4f2e2bb028b0ccf2f17fc1c1/analysis/1533128588/

    6 relatively unknown anti-virus programs are reporting "generic" results. Which basically means "we don't know if it's a virus or not as it isn't using any known virus, but it has similarities with how viruses/malware work". Which, considering it's a trainer and will be performing edits to memory addresses while you're playing the game, makes sense.

    It's your choice whether you choose to trust it or not, but we believe it is a false positive.

  • @Dark0ne I downloaded the latest version of Menyoo from GTA 5 mods itself.

    By the logic you're using right now, any mod on the website could be infested with viruses and keyloggers but that would be fine because we could be guessing it's a false positive.

    Every other trainer on 5mods is completely cleaned except this one. Previous versions of menyoo are also cleaned, and all of a sudden you're telling me it's infested with viruses ?

    Let's stop "guessing" it's a false positive and let's take some action please. The file should be taken down until further notice & until the author of the mod addresses the situation.

    The damage a keylogger can do to someone is insane, keyloggers can ruin some people's lives.


    If you'd like to investigate the issue further and come up with some sort of proof past "generic" responses from 6 of 59 anti-virus programs, be my guest. I've scanned the file myself and am confident in my assessment. If new information comes to light that proves otherwise, I'm all ears.

  • @Dark0ne It's weird, though. The last 3 updates of Menyoo contain malware, keylogger etc. According to total virus.. But, all the other updates are clean. So why only the last 3 versions have malware?

  • Right. @Dark0ne The new information we have is that all previous versions of menyoo were 100% clean except the last one, which is extremely suspicious.

  • @dark0ne the reason you got 6 instead of 10 virus detected is because you scanned the RAR file instead of the Menyoo.asi file.

  • Personally, I believe that if a person finds a problem or something that causes them concern, it should be investigated and a source of the problem should indeed be verified. I don't think it's too cool to mock someone for the fact they are worried about their own security... :confused:


    @13taylor13 said in Latest version of Menyoo has a keylogger and a trojan.:

    until the author of the mod addresses the situation.

    he has... its a false positive

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