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Packing up...

  • I wonder... is there a way to attach a Scorcher or BMX to your personal vehicle? Like you do in real life with a bike rack / carrier?

    Say, I want to leave LS to go for some biking on Senora Desert and want to actually transport my stuff there instead of magically spawning it? Think it's doable with Menyoo? :thinking:

  • I second this. Not sure about Menyoo as I've not been able to find a way to attach anything with that thing.

  • I've seen a gif in the Menyoo description on this 'ere site that showed a crazy van with various types of fixtures attached to it, so I think it is possible. However, there was no instruction on how to actually do it. :rolling_eyes:

    There is also this thing here:


    So I guess we can just stick to Menyoo and need to dig a bit more. :relieved:

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