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Is there an alternate for texture toolkit?

  • So. Finally found what is the cause for the blood squirts to be so bright and cartoonish looking. This particular texture is held in core.ypt file. Well, Every time I import my modified texture into the toolkit and save it, the file size shrinks to 0 Kb bytes. I don't know why it keeps doing this, but a long while back I thought I had seen somewhere in the forums an alternate, much better tool. Anyone know of this, or how to get texture toolkit to stop borking this ypt?

  • @eshenk
    'Texture Toolkit' is the only one I know of :slight_frown:

    What tools/programs do you use to create your .dds's? (Photoshop with NVIDIA Texture Tools for Adobe Photoshop for example?).
    I found if I used the 'NVIDIA Texture Tools Plugin for Adobe Photoshop' to export my '.dds' textures 'Texture Toolkit' would give me a '0kb' file on saving. I was able to get around this by using 'Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop' to export/save the file in Photoshop.

    Export Settings Used (Intel® Texture Works):

    • Texture Type: 'Color + Alpha'
    • Compression: 'BC3 8bpp (Linear)'
    • Mip Maps: 'Auto Generate'

    Texture Toolkit still crashes on me sometimes but I've been able to (slowly) accomplish what I want (eventually) by trying repeatedly & using a policy of importing only one texture at a time & not continuing to use any files that Texture Toolkit has crashed with (very aware you may well have to develop your own 'rain dance' to get it to work more reliably but this^ is what gives me the least crashes while avoiding having to start completely from the beginning after each crash :thumbsup:).

    I load 'core.ypt (#1)' into Texture Toolkit, replace a texture & save the file ('core.ypt (2)')
    I then make a backup of the saved 'core.ypt (#2)' which I keep somewhere else ('core.ypt (#3) (backup)')
    I then hit 'File' > 'New' & then load 'core.ypt (#2)', replace texture & save.
    If it crashes at this point I delete 'core.ypt (#2)' (even though it is a full sized file. No '0kb' or anything, just untrusted) & replace it with 'core.ypt (#3) (backup)' & try again.

    Yeah, it's a pain in the hoop but eventually I have been able to do everything I have needed to.
    I reckon Texture Toolkit may have been made by witches, it's more superstition & luck than anything else :slight_frown:.
    Best of luck & do let me know (if using Photoshop) if the Intel® Texture Works improves things for you at all? :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I use GIMP for my texture work. I don't think this is an issue with GIMP at all. Texture toolkit is notoriously unreliable. I just found it strange, because there was a modder here who managed to edit this core.ypt for his HD explosions. I am gonna try my hand at this again soon. There are other textures in this ypt that I really want to improve upon as well, but the blood squirt texture is a total eye-sore, LOL.

  • @eshenk
    If you hit a brick wall with it feel free to send me the blood '.dds' & I'll see if I can get it into a 'core.ypt' :thumbsup: My 'core.ypt' is heavily modded, most textures replaced. It did take time to get it done but as far as I remember (has been a while) I did suss out a workable system with it so it is possible (sometimes). Best of luck anyway :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th That would be awesome of you, thank you so much. I am gonna try this once more, if I have issues, I will tag you here with the link. Thanks again!

  • @a63nt-5m1th It worked! Thanks so much!

  • @eshenk
    Nice one! :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Well, turns out I did not darken the texture enough - still the blood spurts like candy apple red, and I hate it. It just stands out in all the wrong ways. So I really darkened it, but now I can't add it to the ytp. Somehow, regardless of how I save the damn file, it destroys every texture inside, and am left with a 0Kb ypt. Could you PLEASE try to get this texture saved in my core.ypt file? Here they are in this link


  • @eshenk
    Here you go :thumbsup:

    I feel your pain:

    • Tried straight import & save, crashed (0kb).
    • Tried straight import & save after putting 'ptfx_blood_spray.dds' through Intel Photoshop export, crashed (0kb).
    • Tried exporting all the textures to a folder, hitting 'New' & then reimporting them (forgot that earlier, it can sometimes work, useful to know :thumbsup: Best way to do it is to export all, replace any textures you intend to add in the folder itself (rather than importing twice in TT) & then import them all back into the file & then save it (hopefully).
      This worked but the file size was ~2mb off what I would have expected so I reopened the newly exported 'core.ypt', crashed :smile: & refused to open it no matter what.
    • Went back to your original 'core.ypt', loaded it up in TT, did a straight import of the 'ptfx_blood_spray.dds' just like I did at the start, saved 'core.ypt' as 'core2.ypt' (<not sure rename has anything to do with it but you never know with TT) & it saved perfectly (correct filesize etc). <That's the file I have uploaded (I just renamed it manually to 'core.ypt' in Windows Explorer)

    I opened the new file in TT & made sure all 105 textures were there but this being Texture Toolkit it's probably advisable to check they are all working ingame :thumbsup: I don't mind having another go at it if there's anything wrong/missing etc :thumbsup: I'm confident it will work perfectly but give me a shout if there's anything wrong (or if you want even darker blood added etc :thumbsup:).

    Note: I recognised your 8192x4096 '_explosion_fireball_rgba.dds' (it's the same as I have, although I've edited mine in Photoshop). As far as I can remember there were known Texture Toolkit crashing issues with the original so the author released a newer optimised version in an attempt to fix it.
    I think it was 'FX EFFECTS' (now appears to be called '★ Particles Effects ★ 8.0.1') & about version 6 or 7 the optimised texture option was added. This was over a year ago, maybe longer so I may be wrong with the name. It is at least one possiblility for the frequent TT crashes (as I have had a few different 'core.ypt' that NEVER crash). It would be total trial & error dead man's land if there are more than a few textures in there doing the same though :slight_frown: but thought I'd mention it anyway as (if it was found to be the culprit) one could remove/replace it/them (temporarily) with a working texture, add/import all other textures needed (hopefully without any other crashes) & then re-import the explosion texture last, right at the end before installing it to the game. Might save a bit of time & hassle :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you for this. That texture you mentioned was indeed from the same author - it was HD effects. I hope you can see why I wanted that texture of mine in there. I considerably dropped the saturation and darkened it, because these blood squirts look ridiculous. Especially when all other blood textures look so much more realistic. It was really an eyesore to see all blood splatters and pools of blood look real, but the squirts being a bright, oversaturated candy apple red. I just hope I darkened it up enough....soon I will see for myself, thanks to you.

    One more thing....I also tried that same method. I created a new texture, copied over all 105 textures, and then saved as core.ypt. It would simply not open. But yeah, you may have something there on that really large texture from HD effects. It's so weird, because I managed to pull this off one time using your method, but yesterday, I tried numerous times trying to get this to work, and failed.

  • @eshenk
    Aye, it seems Texture Toolkit just makes it's own rules a lot of the time :slight_frown:.
    The only other thing I do is I work from within the TT install folder. I found it a bit more reliable that way rather than files saved on different hard drives etc (may well just have just been pure luck it worked a bit better that way though).

  • @a63nt-5m1th Just to let you know, that blood texture I darkened, worked beautifully - no more over-saturated, bright, candy-apple-red BS. It is now of the same darkness of all my other blood textures. Very happy now.

  • @eshenk
    Nice one :slight_smile: that's what I like to hear. Glad I could help bud :thumbsup:

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