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LA Billboards - Real LA - MegaPack Add-On problem

  • Hello. I installed the mod via the .oiv file (it is on the mod page in the post at the top, section discussions) after which I modified the file dlclist (as always indicated in the post). I start the game and, at Del Perro Pier, I immediately notice the distributors of Coca and Sprite and I think "ok, it works". I go to the parking lot on the pier, I take a car and while I'm near the sign of the pier I see that the original one remained (Del Perro Pier instead of that visible in reality) and then the game freezes and closes. Why? Can you help me to solve / install the mod correctly?

    I used the .oiv file to install it because the other way I did not understand (the description is not very clear to me, I tried but did not activate the mod)
    I installed the following Benny's Original Motorworks mods / scripts
    World of Variety
    Visual V
    Spawn MP vehicles in SP

  • Up.
    Nobody can help me?


    Download a game config

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