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How does everyone update and restore there mods?

  • I feel like im doing it the long way and just want to see how everyone else handles it.

    so far I do it like this: copy modded Update.rpf then place update in mod folder and then add back the modded one over it.

    But the time it takes to do it is only going to get longer and I just want to get everyones take on how they do it.
    Thank you


    @Fonespiders the method of backing up files, updating then re-adding the backup only takes a few minutes

  • @Fonespiders That's exactly how I do it. It takes up pretty much time here because mainly I have modified vehicle.metas, handling.metas and my own patches and I (we) have to be very careful to not mess up something. Yeah it's a pita but that's how it is.

  • @Cyron43 dang and ok thanks for responding very big help!

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