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Handling Edit of submarine for skyline's USS-DALLAS

  • Skyline's USS-dallas is perfect,while however there's no one there to make a handling edit for it
    I tried it myself but it's just so hard.........

  • @Elope what is wrong with the handling?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 well,hard to describe...
    1st:the handling was too sensitive,it pitches so much,not like a behavior that a nuclear pwered sub would do,however I've kinda fixed that part
    2nd:the sub is moved so much under water like a plane suffering huge turbulence,cant even discover deep water,otherwise I'd be crashed on those underwater cliffs
    3rd:the centre of gravity might need to move backwards so when we are above water,we can have it parked like in real life without the propeller out of water
    4th:make the sub float more above water so we can walk on the deck

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