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Some missions freeze with mods.

  • I am having this problem. I am using mods, obviously, and when I play story mission with them active in some the game wont let me continue the mission. I loads without and end, or I cant swich to Franklin in Paleto bay heist, or when infiltrating Humane labs when I get Michael to the bars and he should cut them, nothing happens.
    Is there any fix for this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @KYOTO5 If you are using Open All Interiors mod, remove it. Don't install it until you finish the storyline.

  • I use modded cars and that instantly crashes the game at specific points but otherwise fine in free mode. Avoid that situation too.

  • I am not using any car mods or interior mods. I am only using no background music, IVstyle getting off the vehicle (which requires script hook and lua) :/

  • I have been testing with my game save VS the 100% save game from here. My personal save will crash at a specific point every time. Using the 100% Savegame I can replay that mission and though it will crash at the same point It will suddenly work the next time I replay that mission. I can't explain how it works.

    The only work around I found is to fail, fail, fail until the game gives you the option to skip the mission. Either the whole mission or just that checkpoint.

  • but I don't want to skip mission? I wanna find solution not avoid the problem... :P

  • @KYOTO5 Can you post your game version and ScripthookV version? And some screenshots of your GTA V main folder and the scripts folder.

  • this one i use: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v
    build: 7991.1
    alt text

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