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[Peds] Flashing skin on Peds after replace

  • So...I replace a lot of peds with the good ones available on this site but some flash after replacement. Not all but some continue to be an issue...I even have a particular car that flashes but not as much of an issue.
    I assume it is a noob issue but without replacing them with the originals, is there an obvious error I am continuing to do.
    I appreciate the advice ... please and thanks

  • I would love to know the answer as well to this issue. I have the T-Rex which has replaced a certain bevhills model but the model gets all "bendy" and flashes textures if I look at it beyond 10-15 or so in game feet away. One mod that I've found fixes this with some models but not all of them is NaturalVision. I install NaturalVision(important=correctly! I've fucked up so many times on simple things, lol) and I can see the T-Rex's hilariously driving on top of cars down the street into the distance. Also, it takes whichever the Giant Hulk I've applied to BabyD for NIBjulios Hulk mod as an enemy Hulk and fixes the issue so he does not flash and looks correct no matter what distance I'm looking at him from. I tried replacing the texture with a Thanos model however and I can only see him not flashing at a close distance. Doesn't work with it. Even though I'm sure it's a "noob" issue I've been using open iv mods since 2006 and I still have no idea what causes this issue. It's one of those problems that no one asks about so you never find the answer to it.

  • @twwist3d looks like you are using not finished skins, every model in the game needs its own LOD (level Of Detail, are models but in lower quality for long view distances and save system resources) and when any model not has its LOD, the model dissapears when the game engine calls the LOD model and not found nothing, and put like a black simple shape instead. JulioNIB scripts reset LODs to solve this, but only for characters spawned inside his script mods, can't be used for every skin in enviroment because that affects greatly the game performance even in a High-End PC.

    The solution is suggest the LOD usage for skin mod creator and improve mods like really the community deserves without issues.

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