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How to keep work mods in 'update.rpf' after update ?

  • When I replace 'update.rpf' in my 'mods' folder with updated one, game is loading, but it make me lost lot of mods. When I uninstall ASI Loader, game again start good but again no mods loaded ofc.

    Any ideas how to keep moded files working after update?


    @ArmaniAdnr you'll have to redo all the modding in update.rpf, no other way

  • @ReNNie can you be more specific...how do you do that?


    That is pretty specific. You just have to suck it up and re-install the mods you want to have, if they're affected by update.rpf.


    or just don't update

  • Guys HOW? break it down for me.....If I was om your end I would walk you step by step so that you could clearly see and understand exactly what to do...



    Some initiative is expected if you want to play with mods.

    1. Replace your modded mods/update/update.rpf with update/update.rpf. This always needs to happen after Rockstar updates the game.
    2. Re-install your mods, be it .oiv or manual installation. Just re-launch the installer or follow the mod installation instructions again.
    3. If you've got add-on mods, now is a good time to add them to dlclist.xml again.

    There's no "it" to "break down". If you've already installed mods once you've already done all the steps. Just repeat them after replacing the old update.rpf with the new one.

  • re-install the mods you want to have

    @ikt don't be kidding, I have 26GB of mods and was applying them few months :grin: and when game is crashing that mean I have no idea which mods was affected

    I made it working by this way

    • backup old update.rpf
    • place there new update.rpf
    • open OpenIV twice - in one game and mods folder, in second backed update.rpf
    • I replaced all files in folders one by one and after every one I start game to try if it's still not crashing
    • when it crash I put whole folder from new update.rpf back and then try it file by file to see what file I can't replace from old

    The result was:

    • all dlcpacks can be replaced from old (but have to do it file by file, not whole folder becuase in some folders are added new files and when you replace whole folder you would loss this new files and would be missing some new content)
    • most of files which was crashing game was in common foulder
    • when all was replaced, I just make sure every mod which I remember I used is still ingame (using few for big details which I don't even remember all)
    • add new patch dlc folders and edit dlclist.xml to don't loss all new content

    It was like whole day work but I think with hundreds of mods it was and it's only way how to keep them all work without need spend months with using every one mod again

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