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Need help with adjusting Cars' Lights & other LEDs in general

  • Hi,

    I recently installed two different graphics mods and I like the visuals of the 1st one however, I wanna use the Cars' lights & other LED lights in the game of the second graphics mod as it looks much better imo.

    Am guessing that have to do with visualsettings.dat file though I want to know which values in that file are responsible for such changes so that I can copy those values and place them in the 1st graphics mod that I installed in order to get the best of both worlds :)

    Am aware that some other files may be required such as in graphics.ytd that include corona, flare ,headlights and others so if those are needed to be copied as well plz let me know

    Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance :D

  • Anyone ??????

  • @OneShotDown
    Hello again :slight_smile:
    There are a lot of things in the game that can affect the way the headlights look (timecycle files for one) so it's perhaps not going to be a simple job of copying settings & getting the exact same look as the second mod (it should be possible, might just take some work). The best way will be to do it by eye/edit things to get a very similar look.
    The information you have given is not enough for anyone to give you a clear answer. We need to know specifically what part of the lighting you are asking about for one? :thumbsup:

    • Is it the way the lights look on the cars? Taillight/headlight colour/brightness etc when you are looking at the vehicle.
    • Or is it how the lights look in game when they shine on objects? Headlight emissive intensity/distance etc. ie What you see of the headlights when you are driving/inside car etc.
    • What are the two graphics mods called that you are comparing? Might be useful to know.

    Comparison screenshots of the two mods showing what you do & do not want would be the best way to go with this :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Hey man :), first of all I would like to thank you for taking some of your time to respond to my questions , I really appreciate that.

    I would like to change the way the lights look on the cars, and probably street lights (Not) how the lights look in game when they shine on objects(i understand that might be more complicated than the first).

    If you can pinpoint the file responsible for such because I wanna experiment with them a little, I guess one was the Redux and the other is NVR.

    I have included a picture comparison of the car's lights for now, the upper portion of the picture is the preferred one.

    alt text

    Sorry for the bad quality screenshots just wanna show you a rough idea of what am experimenting with.

  • @OneShotDown
    Screenshots are cool, they do the job :thumbsup:

    Corona Begone will get rid of the dots (coronas) in the lower pic. These things:


    It may also fix the overly bright headlights too so I would recommend installing it & see if that gets you close enough to what you want before we try anything else :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    Corona Begone is just a 'corona.png' that you manually add to 'graphics.ytd' (replacing the original 'corona' texture). Backup 'graphics.ytd' (or the whole .rpf archive) before installing it & it will be super easy to revert if you choose to do so. :thumbsup:

    Note: Many mods come with there own optional (usually) corona remover. Have a look in the downloaded NVR etc folders (whichever mod you like the look of) & see if there is an optional extra that sounds like it will do the job (should be named similar). If you can't find anything, install Corona Begone from the link above & let me know how you get on with that :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Yea it fixed it ....Thanks again for the help buddy ;)

  • @OneShotDown
    No probs bud :thumbsup:

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