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  • Do these numbers look the same?

    This is the same file.
    On the left the original one.
    On the right, the one dragged into open IV.

    After the drag, open IV performs a conversion and all the numbers change!!! If I try to edit manually, even after saving the document, the changes are not enforced.

    I wrote privately to the developer. I was mocked and was told "Hey these numbers are the same".

    After the conversion, the file undergoes an inaccurate change in numeric values. This involves incorrect placement of the props on my map!
    It is ridiculous to say that they are equal, even after showing evidence that it is not so!

    Now, please, I'd like an opinion from all of you. Do these numbers look the same?!!


  • @Dekurwinator Finally an answer.. Thanks man..

    Can you explain to me why I have to set such a high number instead of 32?

  • @Dekurwinator I did check. All the pieces have flag 32 ,but only some props have a wrong rotation.
    I proceed equally changing all the flag?

  • @Dekurwinator I think this information is very important! After the conversion I am getting problems even with some doors. Others doors work perfectly, others fall into the void as soon as I have contact with them.
    I try to apply these changes and then I update you.. Thank you very much...
    Do you have any other good advice for me?

    P.s.. You said you were using for doors or ladders 1572864 and for animated objects using clip dictionary 1572866. How are the doors and stairs equal? Why would you use an animated code for the stairs?

  • @Dekurwinator I tried, but I didn't solve anything. I have no experience so chances are I'm doing something wrong.
    I find it annoying that after creating the map with Menyoo, everything works perfectly. If I convert the map to ymap, the problems begin and the props change rotation, the doors fall into the void and fixed objects become dynamic. A disaster

  • @Dekurwinator Did you read the last reply

  • @Dekurwinator I set the flags as you pointed out to me. Unfortunately I have not solved! Since correcting the flags does not improve the situation, can you tell me if it is possible to autoload a map created with Menyoo?

    I already tried with mapeditor inserting the map of Menyoo in "scrpts/autoloadmaps" But when I start GTA I get an error

    Please help me, have patience. I tried to search the forum but I did not find information

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