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Edited textures not showing up in game

  • So i just modified a texture included with the Metropolitan Police Station pack, namely the wanted poster with Fozzy's face on it (I put the face of some i dislike on it, because that's how petty i am)
    The problem is, the modified poster isn't showing up in game, it still has the original face and text on it, even though no trace of this can be found in the game files.

    I'm using a mods folder by the way

  • I want to know this,too. I have installed LA Prison pbus livery.

  • @ciara_kitty
    You mean the 'The Metropolitan Emergency Station Pack [DLC] 3.0' & the 'xj_v_ph_signs04' texture yeah? This texture (or next pic?):

    Wanted Poster 01

    There are 4 locations for a file named 'xj_v_ph_signs04' in the Metropolitan Emergency Station Pack. There are 2 textures that look like the above pic. One is located in 'hei_heist_dlc_police_txd+hi.ytd' & the other in 'hei_heist_dlc_police_txd.ytd' both in the same location here:


    It's also the same case for this texture below, again of the same name ('xj_v_ph_signs04') even though it is a different texture (yeah, I don't know who Fozzy is :slight_smile: so I'm covering all the bases):

    Wanted Poster 02

    There's one in 'v_47_sheriff_txd+hi.ytd' & one in 'v_47_sheriff_txd.ytd' both located here:


    Depending on your graphics settings the game will choose either one of the textures versions in '+hi.ytd' or '.ytd'. Replace both versions of the texture you want to change just to be sure.

    Note: There are also versions of the same files elsewhere in the game. Here for example:


    The textures there look like this:

    Wanted Poster 03

    Just make sure they aren't the ones the game is using :thumbsup:

    I that doesn't solve it I'd look at embedded textures hidden away in one of the .ydr etc files.

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