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[SCRIPT] More Idle Actions for MapEditor pedestrians

  • If any of you have used the map editor, you might notice the pedestrian actions are quite limited and basic. Seeing as a lot of the maps revolve around security and police work, I think it would be great if an extension with more options revolving around bodyguard and policing were released.

    Even something as simple as the hands below your belt that the security guards in default GTA V do. (This pose) For the policing, I think something like them talking occasionally into their radio would be a major improvement and extremely useful to masses of people. Finally, an addition I would like to see is pedestrian patrol routes. This would be really useful for people making secure maps. People could use this to make bodyguards patrol the perimeter.

  • Banned

    For an addition I would like to see is pedestrian patrol routes"

    You could try to make a npc path in CodeWalker, but that's quite hard. (im talking about scenario ped routes, not traffic.)

    Also for peds that talk on radio, maybe someone will put the animations from IV to V.

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