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DLC Limits?

  • Ok guys, I've been away from GTA V & LSPD;FR for many months now, and I recall lots of talk about a DLC Limit making it difficult to add custom DLCs (my preferred method of adding cars). I know there are other ways of adding cars, but I'm specifically looking to add Custom DLCs. Previously I'd used Albo's Modding DLC. I saw it'd been updated, but I'm not sure if it works with the latest version.
    And I've heard about combining DLC's to make room for new ones. I'd tried before with little success.

    Long story short, here's my question: (forgive me if it's asked & answered before)
    Is there still a DLC Limit? If so, how can we bypass it? Is combining DLCs the correct method? And if so, is there a tutorial somewhere?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help a fellow gamer who has been out of the loop on GTA modding for awhile...

  • @tichenord
    Not sure what the exact DLC limit is now but I know people using a modded 'gameconfig.xml' that have over a hundred DLC installed & working (I use this one but I don't have many DLC's so you may want to research/experiment/test a few out etc).
    You can refer to my post here for a bit more info on combining different DLC vehicles into one DLC (other things like weapons & peds use a similar process but you will have to research/figure out the finer points of combining them in a DLC as I haven't done that yet so don't have detailed info).
    Note: The Addon Cars DLC 3.0 mod I reference in that post is, I believe, no longer supported by the author. It will still work fine but may be missing 'content.xml' entries for things you may need (depending on how complex the DLC's are that you want to combine). You will learn the basic process from my post & probably get to a level of understanding that means you can create you own DLC anyway so it doesn't matter if it is still supported or not. Just use the example of it as a learning process to give you the skills to do it yourself :thumbsup:

    The best quick-start method I can recommend is to download a suitably complex mod (that contains all the different types of assets you ultimately want to combine (vehicles, peds, weapons etc)) & use that as your base add-on DLC (or alternatively download separate mods. One for vehicles, one for peds, one for weapons etc if you prefer).
    You don't need to want (or even like) the mod you choose as your base as you can remove what is in it & replace the vehicles/peds/weapons etc with ones of your own. All that is important is that the 'content.xml' (the file that tells the game where everything is) is already written (correctly) for you.
    All you really have to do from that point on is remove the things you don't want, add your vehicles/peds/weapons etc in the appropriate places (vehicles in 'vehicles.rpf' (or whatever it is called) etc) & combine all the text/data files (carcols.meta, carvariations.meta, handling.meta, vehicles.meta etc) into one file (each, don't mix carcols data with carvariations for example. Keep them in their separate files) of that name & place them in the DLC in the right place (refer to 'content.xml' for the correct folder structure. It will be the same place you found the originals that came with the mod you choose as your base :thumbsup:).
    The process you use to add things to your base DLC is essentially the same as what you do to replace an asset in the game (like to replace a vehicle). The only difference is that you add the files & data to the base DLC you have created instead of replacing vanilla game data/files.
    I hope that helps :thumbsup: It should certainly give you the basics.
    As mentioned the DLC limit seems quite high now (when using a modded gameconfig) so I would probably say you only need to start combining DLC's when you hit that limit. It ain't too hard to figure out how to combine DLC's though & it is nice to have all your add-on vehicles in the same place etc so go for it if you fancy it :thumbsup:

    Edit: Just noticed this mod & the fact that it has various tutorials linked in the description & pinned comment. Probably good reading too. :thumbsup:

  • Thanks for the info. Nice to see the DLC limit has been raised. I've got 2 added DLC's working so far, and many more to come. Thanks again!


    @ReNNie said in [MISC] GTA V DLCs All in Root for mermory increasement:

    there are hard limits set in the game's EXE
    that are not overruled by gameconfig.xml memory poolsizes
    as long as those boundaries are not stretched
    then indeed the headroom for mods remains limited
    esp the 2648 packfile mount limit (the rpf archives) which in most cases is the root for ERR_FIL_PACK_1

    alt text

  • @ReNNie so each dlcpack should not exceeed 2648 mb? is this the correct understanding?

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