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Freezed weather

  • Hello. With ENT update 38 (in-game 37) i made a snowy day, but now i don't know how to make the snow disappear. I tried with rain and resetting the weather. None of methods worked. Should i install the update 39?

  • @BankRobberyHostage
    I'm guessing you mean:

    ENT MENU > WORLD > press right on d-pad once > Untick 'HEAVY SNOW'

    That's what it is in ENT update 39 anyway. Can't remember if it was different before? Either hunt in the 'WORLD' menu for a snow setting & untick it or install update 39 & follow the exact menu structure above.

    On the off-chance you have locked the weather to 'Snow' or 'Light Snow' you can navigate to:

    ENT MENU > WORLD > WEATHER > untick 'Freeze Weather' to fix that.

    The weather should then start changing as normal.

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