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Can't play with mods after last 1.44 dlc

  • Hey everyone! I used to play mods for a couple of years, and I really enjoy it! But... after the recent 1.44 'After Hours' dlc my mods aren't working. I've reinstalled the game, and installed some basic mods (scripthookv, menyoo, asi loader & openiv.asi. Still not working, can't even open the built in menu of scripthookv. Here's how I installed it in more detail:

    1. Install openiv
    2. Copy the vanilla game folder to put in mods (easier since I don't have to remove the mods if I want to play online)
    3. Install asi loader and openiv.asi via openiv
    4. Install scripthookv
    5. Install menyoo

    Every mod is up to date, so if anyone can help I would really appreciate it :D

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