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Placing or positioning peds for offline video..

  • **Hi Frds I m making offline Vedio , where I want to make fight between 4 hulk vs 4 Thanos. Before beginning of fight I want that all 4 hulk will face 4 Thanos.. when I call them as spawn ally they make here and there but I want them to fix their position and face other 4 Thanos,
    Is there any different position mod ??? Please help

  • @PUNEET said in Placing or positioning peds for offline video..:


    What is "Frds"? Oh, and "Vedio"? Just curious, LOL.

  • Hello :smiley: , It seems there may be a bit of a language barrier in your request.

    So I took the liberty of rephrasing your request into something a bit easier for English readers to understand.

    Hi Friends, I'm making an offline video,

    For this video I would l like to have 4 Hulk Characters , and 4 Thanos Characters fighting. 4v4.

    Before the start of the fight, I would like to have all 4 Hulk Characters, facing all 4 of the Thano characters.

    However when I spawn the Hulk and Thano characters. I cannot control where they actually spawn.

    I am trying to get them to spawn in a fixed position on the map. (As mentioned above, I would like to have The Hulk Characters, facing the Thanos Characters.) before the fight begins.

    Does any one know if there is a mod/trainer available that can help me? I am looking for something that will can allow to me position individual peds exactly where I need them on the map.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  • @Skizzymisfit You don't recognize hit-and-run posters by now, LOL. He/she posted this 4 days ago and LAST ONLINE 4 DAYS AGO! These forums are infamous for this behavior, LOL

  • @eshenk I see.

    I don't visit these forums as much.
    No biggie though, No harm done
    I was just trying to help.

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