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Enable Fireflies

  • i' ve got a question towards fireflies. i cant enable them in my game, tried out the fireflies mod (https://de.gta5-mods.com/misc/enhanced-fireflies) and other mods but they dont spawn.
    i am using reshade with textures, are those causing this issuse? the fireflies are spawning natural in vanillaversion. Turning off Reshade doesnt help.
    Visual V
    ReShade 1.1.0f1.7z

  • @MaxLuk
    Make sure you are putting 'firefly_render_drop.xml' here:


    & also make sure 'firefly_emitter_drop.xml' (Note: 'emitter' NOT 'render'. Different file. :thumbsup:) exists & is default so looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <boxCentreOffset x="0.000000" y="25.000000" z="0.000000" />
      <boxSize x="64.000000" y="64.000000" z="25.000000" />
      <lifeMinMax x="4.000000" y="9.000000" />
      <velocityMin x="0.300000" y="0.300000" z="0.700000" />
      <velocityMax x="-0.300000" y="-0.300000" z="-0.500000" />
      <clampToGround value="false" />

    The fireflies use a texture called 'fire_fly_anim' in 'fxweather.ytd' here:


    It looks like this:


    That is the default location of 'fxweather.ytd' anyway but there may be mods that install it in 'update.rpf' or a different location.

    Tip: You can use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for files by name. You can choose to search 'everywhere', 'game folder only' or 'mods folder only' in the drop down box in the search box also. Put in a search for 'fxweather.ytd' & 'search in "mods" folder only' & it will show you where & how many of those files are installed in your mods folder.

    Open & check the 'fxweather.ytd' file/s you find, figure which one (if multiple) the game is loading & make sure the 'fire_fly_anim' texture actually exists in it (make sure the texture isn't blank/edited by another mod etc).

    Note: You can also use the Ctrl+F3 search to see if 'firefly_render_drop.xml' & 'firefly_emitter_drop.xml' are being loaded by the game from another location.

    Hopefully you get it fixed but if you still have issues after trying the suggestions above give me a few details of the other mods that do not spawn. Both issues may be related. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th big thank you for the very detailed answer! i go through all of this when r*editor is done with rendering. im posting it as detailed as i can when im done. :)

  • @a63nt-5m1th firefly_emitter_drop wasnt present in mods/update.rpf/...weather, i droped it there

    the originals of firefly_emitter_drop.xml and firefly_render_drop.xml are located in common.rpf/data/levels/gta5/weather a copie is in modsfolder

    fxweather.ytd is present in mods/x64a.rpf and mods/update.rpf/x64/textures
    to be shure i changed all files to vanilla (fxweather,firefly_render,firefly_emitter)
    they did not spawn for me and i checked the area im spawning with vanillaversion of gta and they spawn 100% in the area.
    what i've noticed is there is no firefly_emitter in the original update folder of the game

  • @MaxLuk
    Yeah, in the vanilla game there should only be a 'firefly_emitter_drop.xml' here:


    There isn't a vanilla 'firefly_emitter_drop.xml' in 'update.rpf', just a 'firefly_render_drop.xml'. Sorry if I was a little misleading before with the same location remark :slight_smile: It will still work in that location & if it is present it will be the one loaded by the game :thumbsup:

    You have other 'mods' folder mods that are confirmed working yeah? (to confirm 'mods' folder is being read by the game)

    What I would probably do to test this is briefly rename your 'mods' folder (to keep it safe).
    Create a new 'mods' folder & then copy the vanilla 'common.rpf' & 'update.rpf' into your new 'mods'.
    Make some edit to a file somewhere in the new 'update.rpf' that you will be able to see in-game (timecycle files for example, change one of the weathers to red light or something. This is just so you can confirm the game is using the new 'mods' folder.
    Load up the game & confirm your game is using the new 'mods' folder 'common.rpf' & 'update.rpf' by looking for the edit you made (anything will do) & then confirm whether the fireflies appear or not. If so, exit game, apply the enhanced fireflies file. Load game, confirm enhanced fireflies working.
    If fireflies work, stick with the new 'common.rpf' & 'update.rpf' & add your old files to the new 'mods' folder files :thumbsup:
    If they still don't appear we'll have to think of something else?

    Also, can you confirm that the 'fire_fly_anim' texture is present & correct in 'fxweather.ytd'? Thanks

  • @a63nt-5m1th i figured out my reshade preset somehow makes them not glow i zoomed in as far as i could in r*editor, they got a grey color and dont glow.
    i checked the all ytds and they all look the same as in your screenshots. i was only able to see the non glowing fireflies because i messed it up with my weather files while trying to enable the fireflies and had to go back to an backup i made yesterday. in this backup the fireflies were bigger because of modded files i mention in the first post. might have found a place where the fireflies do spawn in higher numbers then on mt chiliadtunnel

  • @MaxLuk
    I'm glad you sussed out it was Reshade :thumbsup:. It would have taken me ages to figure that out.

  • @a63nt-5m1th thank you again for your help :) you are always helpful to others here on the forum :thumbsup:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @MaxLuk
    Thanks :slight_smile:

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