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Every car that i go in is invincible.

  • As the title says, when i crash into AI vehicles, they get destroyed, but my car is fine! I smash the window, stays smashed. But when i crash into a wall, the car is fine and the window somehow isn't smashed! I've deleted my mods folder and put it back with the update folder, but it still happens! I've taken my scripts out, still happens. I need help please!


    It sounds like you're using a trainer that has god mode for your car. Try disabling the trainers. It's probably an .asi, since you've already cleared the scripts folder.

  • @ikt I don't have God mode on, i even checked it and disabled all the features of God mode that are in the Simple Trainer.

  • @Mackyn1878 Do a check to see if any of the scripts you have installed are causing the problem by renaming the "dinput8.dll" file in your GTA V directory to something like "dinput.dll.disabled". This will disable all scripts. Then launch GTA and see if the problem still occurs. If it doesn't, one of the scripts you have installed is causing it. After done testing you can rename the file back to its original name.
    If you find that one of the scripts you have installed is causing the problem, please provide a list of scripts you have installed so that we can help you figure out which one(s) may be causing the problem (although like ikt said it's likely a trainer you have installed).

  • @Jitnaught Yeah, i disabled the dinput and my vehicles took damage like normal! I'll show you the scripts that i have.


    DrivingModes maybe?

  • @Mackyn1878 And your ASI scripts? (in the root GTA V directory)

  • I don't recall ever setting invincibility in DrivingModes :thinking:
    Remove the script and see if the problem still occurs; if it does let me know so I can take a look.

  • I have the same problem which I noticed yesterday...but I have no one file from @Mackyn1878 list in GTA root file...I tested delete whole 'mods' folder, whole 'scripts' folder, use Trainer version from March 2018, delete all files in GTA folder added after new update and nothing helped
    maybe @Mackyn1878 try to write everyone file which you have in GTA root file and I would try delete that files, which I have too :triumph:

  • @Mackyn1878 try to delete MenyooStuff folder, Menyoo.asi and menyoolog.txt and then write if it helped you:ok_hand_tone3: ...just find out finally the problem is here

  • @ArmaniAdnr Yeah, menyoo was the problem for me aswell! Thanks.

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