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Possible to spawn MP map in SP ?

  • Hello,

    yes i know there exist scripts for having MP interiors and yacht and MP map related stuff in SP, but my question is: is it possible to have the MP maps in SP without any scripts and without needing to press a button to activate them?

    My idea is to spawn them in native way, with YMAP, automatically loaded and activated as soon as you go into singleplayer mode


    @shephart sjaak's simple trainer has an option to enable MP maps in SP and keep the setting in the ini file. It will limit the number of add-on packs you'll be able to load

  • @ReNNie yes but i meant its enabled by default, loaded in native way as YMAP, without the need of a trainer and scripts. Its possible to do it ?

  • @Dekurwinator thank you, atleast MP maps doesnt despawn like MP vehicles :D

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