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Always knew this site had NO standards whatsoever, but now THIS?!?


    still beats Skyrim :stuck_out_tongue: :crossed_swords:

    this site's take is modding is free to anyone and everybody has to start somewhere

    so as long as the upload meets the upload rules of a proper description, screenshots, etc etc it gets approved

    the featured feature and download & like counters help you sort out the weed from the diamonds

  • @eshenk I guess you have not followed the modding scene a long time. Sex and nudity mods has and will always be a part of modding. People make mods to make things more interesting, and many people playing games like sex, nudity and obscene stuff. So I suggest that if you find some mods you dont like, skip it, there is no need to make posts about them, its old news.

    @ReNNie not even close to Skyrim :P

  • I think eshenk is referring to the language, maybe?

    I’m mean sure, we’re all adults (most of us anyways) but the said mods title looks a bit childish and to be fair, doesn’t give this site a good look.

    You guys (team) are strict on the rules regarding uploading and whatnot but maybe be just as strict with common respect and decency for/on the site?

    ..Or maybe I’ve just jumped ahead 10 years haha xD

  • There are 15 pervs amongst us. :grin:

  • @Jonathan6506 said in Always knew this site had NO standards whatsoever, but now THIS?!?:

    @xxx78 Well, they always have rights to make any kind of mods right?

    (Although i really have to admit that this one is nonsense)

    Im not sure how much "rights" they have to make mods at all, it all come down to what the game producers accept, so that change from game to game.
    About types of mods, except for child porn I dont really see any limits to what mods people can make. But if you make extreme mods, I'm not sure how many mod host sites that will accept it, or how many friends that you will make, but its still up to you to make what you want.

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