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Remove object with codewalker

  • Please, I need help. My goal is to remove objects from a specific point on the map. I managed with Codewalker, but for some objects, it remains the LOD. How do I remove this too?

  • @Dekurwinator Today I tried to eliminate the LOD and gave me an error regarding "child".. Does this child fix have to be done in 3dsmax or Codewalker?

  • @Dekurwinator Ok it's fine.. I will inform myself better and then I will try in my spare time.. I have another question please..

    Map Editor at this time has several bugs and often causes the game to crash.

    Practically through Map editor I removed objects such as cabins, blocks of wood and various work objects that are in the worksites.
    Then I saved the map and inserted it into "scripts/autoloadmaps". So when GTA starts, these objects are permanently removed. (That was my purpose. So at least this has no bugs)

    I only care about this function.. it's possible change the code of mapeditor with only the "Autoloadmap" function?

  • @Dekurwinator I appreciate this advice.. I never quit, and I always try to get what I want. If to get what I want, I have to study, then it will be what I will do.
    Patience I do not miss and not even want to do! So thanks again for the advice.. :)

  • Have you tried to replace the object instead of deleting it all together because i ran into the same issue with the LOD showing up in game after deleting it using CodeWalker after some trial and error i think i figured it out what i did was i replaced the object with an object i wanted to use using CodeWalker and the LOD did not show up

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