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Remove object with codewalker

  • Please, I need help. My goal is to remove objects from a specific point on the map. I managed with Codewalker, but for some objects, it remains the LOD. How do I remove this too?

  • @Cri-28 you cant just delete existing object in game... Theres much work than you think. When you delete object thers LODs for it in seperate ymaps conected in LOD parenting, when you delete lod for it you will breake lod hierarchy for whole region, higher levels of lod got part of area in one file, so this is needed to edit in 3dsmax to delete object from that file and after deleting lod object in ymap you must correct numbers for parrent/child in ymaps

  • @Dekurwinator Today I tried to eliminate the LOD and gave me an error regarding "child".. Does this child fix have to be done in 3dsmax or Codewalker?

  • When you dont know how LOD parenting works dont do it cuz you will waste your time and it will not work,if im good remember deleting lods by CW isnt supported

  • @Dekurwinator Ok it's fine.. I will inform myself better and then I will try in my spare time.. I have another question please..

    Map Editor at this time has several bugs and often causes the game to crash.

    Practically through Map editor I removed objects such as cabins, blocks of wood and various work objects that are in the worksites.
    Then I saved the map and inserted it into "scripts/autoloadmaps". So when GTA starts, these objects are permanently removed. (That was my purpose. So at least this has no bugs)

    I only care about this function.. it's possible change the code of mapeditor with only the "Autoloadmap" function?

  • @Cri-28 theres no such a thing like "change the code" - this can make author of mod, besides map editor dont have support from loong time and other thing is that "maps" done by map editor/menyoo got own limits cuz they use memory edits ect and can make game unstable with crashes or even unable to load. If you want to create good map then start with basics like whats ytyp and ymap is what it can do,flags for props (separate for ytyps and separate for ymaps and what they can do), build of custom DLCs, cargens for static cars spawn ect this is basics and on this forum theres enough tutorials helping with create own custom map. First basics then advanced things. Its not hard. Im not pro - ive started with "funny menyoo car pack" xD but wanted more and did research on vanilla files. Ive learned much from that day but still learning and discover new things. So dont ask for fish but take fishing rod and catch fish.

  • @Dekurwinator I appreciate this advice.. I never quit, and I always try to get what I want. If to get what I want, I have to study, then it will be what I will do.
    Patience I do not miss and not even want to do! So thanks again for the advice.. :)

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