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Removal of all my mods from GTA5mods.

  • To Everyone here at Gta5Mods,

    I have enjoyed my time here and been part of the modding community for the last few years and sharing my work with fellow gamers and modders. There used to be a code between modders etc. Respect the work, Credit the work, and most of all never steal other peoples work.

    I have had my work ripped off so many , uploaded to othersites, cloned etc so I have after alot of hard thinking Removed all of my mods from Here, I wish each and every user member, gamer, modder all the very best.

    Kindest Regards
    Aka Nigel.


    Sorry to hear you chose this route @Designerappz

    Stealing, not crediting and uploading to other sites actually has been around since before IV modding era

    Best of luck and see you in VI?

  • @ReNNie Many thanks, it wasnt a decision i choose lightly, im saddend by it actually. 99% of mods posted here end up also been hosted on maniamods.ru. gta inside.

  • @Designerappz I always used your map, its the best around. i came one day too late to download it... since i've started with modding always had your map installed, watched your installvideo 10 times xD (screwing over with other mods). the game feels incomplete without your map.
    had to mod the update.rpf from new because of the afterhour dlc, came back to your site and the mod is taken down. its sad your stuff got stolen but before i am downloading a outdated version of your map im dragging out the files of my 1.43 backup.

  • @Designerappz Welcome to the modding world, here mods are public content, 99% are stuff taken from videogames and 3D model sites, modders are a community of fans and people doing things as hobby, nobody will to create laws to protect modding because this not should to exist like the original game content.
    Your best change to avoid reuploads is leaving a signature inside your mods and create accounts in every modding site to upload the mod, but that never will to protect your contents. If a modder do mods, needs to be brave and not enter in intelectual property discussions or credits, because you only have respect when more people knows you and your work and the world is too big and reserved for few modders until today, our only option is keep modding, being friendly and offering the best quality that we can, that speak loud and increase recognition for us in the world community.

    Good bye ans so long. Good luck and we hope you come back.

  • how do i republish my mods, my actions in unpublishing them was at best taking it out on all the fellow gamers, modders that actually appreciate my work. So my mods will be available again.

    Kindest regards

  • @MaxLuk my mods will be available shortly, hoping a moderator can republish them.

    many thanks

  • @Designerappz Go to each mod you want to republish, click the Report link, and type something like "I would like for this mod to be republished." We can't see your unpublished mods unless you use the Report link to report them to us.

  • @Jitnaught all my mods are live again now thnx

  • @MetaGTA Finally...someone who thinks similar to me. While I believe in artists rights, I think that's voided once you're taking content from somewhere else (like porting a ped from a game then importing it into GTAV). Its your work that went into transferring it but its not really your property--it can't be and they should really understand its in their BEST interest that its not their property.

    Claiming its your property & or making serious $ off it can be a dangerous legal problem. Sure, we all want an honor code of asking permission but take this one guys problem a little bit ago. He translated someone's document from one language to the other... Is that copyright-able? Its a grey area that gets everyone nowhere and costs modders the enjoyment of modding when things become legal. The last thing ANY of us want is to have Take2 force us to stop modding or at least end the public websites like this one...

    Think of modding as a gift. Its your gift to the GTAV modding community. If you make money on donations via PayPal or Patreon, great..but it doesn't give you anymore rights to what you create---because it comes from the poison apple of modding technically being illegal and against the ELUA of the game.

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