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Same woes with Menyoo guys?

  • While I can more or less enjoy Menyoo, I'd say it is quite buggy and one needs to step carefully when using it. I don't know... would you agree?

    Most of the times, when I reload the game I get "Couldn't load Menyoo.asi" error and can no longer run this feature.

    In one extreme case, something have gone horribly wrong and upon reloading the game, I was stuck in the middle of the air, with no character whatsoever! Just marveling at the highway landscape. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Do you think it has something to do with the purported "virulence" of the latest Menyoo updates? Or maybe this .asi is simply poorly written and generally buggy? I don't know. I feel kind of uneasy about it...

  • This post is deleted!

  • same thing for me it crashes

  • I believe the developer of Menyoo PC (Mafins) is not supporting anymore his trainer.

    Download Simple Trainer as an alternative.

  • Lot of people have lot ot various buggs and glitches with Menyoo after last After Hours update from R*. As was wrote here, I'm not sure about Menyoos author support for his trainer. It need to be updated or it's 'end' of the Menyoo I think. Had to delete it from my game too, because it makes me some game glitches :(

  • Oh come on guys, are you really going to allow a tiny, little, problem like this beat you? Revert back to Super Sport DLC, and STOP allowing R* updates to destroy your gaming!

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