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Oppressor MKII Hover



    I was wondering if anyone knows what file(s) make the new opressor MKII hover and fly etc? i can't be arsed updating my game and i just use the mpbattle folder in my game from the previous update(SSASSS) and whenever i try to toggle the hover mode it crashes my game. any ideas?

    thanks :)

  • @Reacon Well basically the Opressor MKII is a Delorean (what's the GTA V name again?) in fly mode. I'd look into the flags section of the vehicle item in the vehicles.meta and the strModelFlags and strHandlingFlags of the handling.meta. I've never bothered to dive into it, though.


    @Cyron43 didn't work unfortunately. any other ideas?

  • @Reacon Does the DELUXO work? If not you will have to update. There were natives added to do that.
    Function.Call((Hash)0x438B3D7CA026FE91, v, 1.0f);// sets wheel position
    Function.Call((Hash)0x2D55FE374D5FDB91, v, 0);// 0 enables flight



    @aimless yeah it works and can i just take them from the update and put them in SSASSS? worked for the blimp balloon with the shaders

  • @Reacon I dont know. I dont mess with the files.


    @aimless where would i even find it/add it lol

  • @Reacon There in the .exe game file. You can find them in the decompiled scripts. I was just saying that if you did not have that update for the deluxo. It wont work.


    @aimless said in Oppressor MKII Hover:

    if you did not have that update for the deluxo. It wont work.

    I have that update so in theory oppressor mk2 should work shouldn’t it?

  • @Reacon I would think so. I just dont know enough about what tells the game that those vehicles have that.

  • Any one woulast help me install mods in a ps4 gta

  • LOL^^^^^^!!!

  • I never check the system how it is flying but I think when you compare Oppressor MKII Hover file with any normal vehicles file and DeLorean file, you would be able to find which lines makes them flying ((((:

  • @ArmaniAdnr As far as I can see that mod is just textures.


    @ArmaniAdnr that’s the thing I don’t know which file makes it hover

  • @Reacon I'm sorry I'm now checking the mode and @Cyron43 you are right, the model is only replace lol...but yft file is using same textures as the original model, no any more :thinking: I'm not sure, original deluxo was flying in the game? was't it or?


    @ArmaniAdnr yes og deluxo flies

  • @Reacon so if original vanilla deluxo was flying ingame, that mean the flying effect is set in vehicleweapons_carname.meta file which is placed in common/data/ai, where is most animations placed.

    both deluxo and oppressor2 have this file, but deluxo dont have any weapons and there is wrote 2 types of weapon, both of them are close to identically wrote in oppressor file

    'VEHICLE_WEAPON_CARNAME_MG' & 'VEHICLE_WEAPON_CARNAME_MISSILE' both have similar info in deluxo and in oppressor2 files, so I think this is what make them possible to fly.

    There is for example interesting line '<GroundDisturbFxEnabled value="false" />' in both vehicles in MG item lines. Then both items in both vehicles are set as <DamageType>EXPLOSIVE</DamageType> but have all <Explosion> lines as 'DONTCARE' but another weapons have at least in default wrote some info.

    Then in vehicles.meta both vehicles have in <flags> wrote 'FLAG_USE_AIRCRAFT_STYLE_WEAPON_TARGETING'
    In handling.meta you can find then in both vehicles in <SubHandlingData> this lines <Item type="CSpecialFlightHandlingData"> & <Item type="CVehicleWeaponHandlingData">.

    So I think, some of this or all of this things make them possible to fly. If nobody have time to try it I would maybe make some time tomorrow and try it to find out detailed if and how it work (:

  • @Reacon ok I find it out

    The changes to make your vehicle flying is made only in handling.meta in <SubHandlingData>. It's the line starting <Item type="CSpecialFlightHandlingData">

    Lines from Deluxo are:

    <Item type="CSpecialFlightHandlingData">
    <mode value="1"/>
    <fLiftCoefficient value="1.0" />
    <fMinLiftVelocity value="0.0" />
    <fDragCoefficient value="0.0" />
    <fMaxPitchTorque value="500.0" />
    <fMaxSteeringRollTorque value="50.0" />
    <fMaxThrust value="20.0" />
    <fYawTorqueScale value="-4.0f"/>
    <fRollTorqueScale value="7.5f"/>
    <fTransitionDuration value="1.0" />
    <fPitchTorqueScale value="8.0"/>
    <vecAngularDamping x="3.000000" y="2.00000" z="1.20000" />
    <vecLinearDamping x="0.900000" y="0.100000" z="0.70000" />

    But if you want to make any vehicle fly automatically (including wheel animation) when you enter it, you have to add at the end this line:


    Woala, thats whole magic, our cars can now fly :grin:

    Then when you want customize it, except the base lines editing you can add before last line this lines from oppressor2:

    <fHoverVelocityScale value="1.5"/>

    If I'm right this would change the value how much over ground would vehicle be when it start hovering.

    <fBrakingThrustScale value="1.0"/>

    Not sure what is this line making, didn't notice any difference of breaking tilt animation.

    <fMinSpeedForThrustFalloff value="0.9"/>

    No difference for cars, it would define the speed which you need to falloff of the hovering bike.

    Of course you can control flying vehicle with same keys as the planes etc. to be able fly higher.

    But I didn't find out yet how to make the vehicles hover only by pressing buttom as the deluxo. I tried copy and edit all files where is deluxo mentioned. It was making no difference first. Then I add '<strFlags>FD</strFlags>' in the handling and game was crashing. It's the next task to the future for anyone :grin:


    @ArmaniAdnr thanks dude!


    @ArmaniAdnr weird thing is, the strflags fd thing is already in there

  • @Reacon but what did you mean by

    whenever i try to toggle the hover mode

    Oppressor2 is automaticlly hovering when you enter it. If it is not that can mean there is any file in addition, not missing :thinking: as it happend to me when I added strflags line to the car which I was trying to make flying by editing to deluxo version.

    Do you have anywhere backed up the files from newest mpbattle? I would like to try change whole vehicles.meta & handling.meta lines of oppressor2. You don't have modded oppressor2 or do you?

    You can start game right ? Than you can spawn oppressor2 right?
    Do you have set sitting in vehicle after spawning it?

    • if yes are you sitting on it after spawn?
    • if not, can you 'enter' the vehicle?


    @ArmaniAdnr yes im sitting on it after spawning

    it just doesn't hover

  • @Reacon and game crash when you press button which activate hovering on deluxo (deafult 'X') or when?


    @ArmaniAdnr nah when i press the button to make the oppressor fly not hover

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