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Oppressor MKII Hover

  • @Reacon so only thing what I have on my mind which is using just after starting to move is the line in vehicles.meta


    check if you have it it right at oppresors vehicle.meta description. Then check if you have file


    in all 3 rpf archives located in


    and if it look as some type of blue cone when you open it and not for example empty looking file.


    @ArmaniAdnr line is in vehicles.meta and all 3 files are there

  • @Reacon ok I'm going off of the ideas now lol. But with newest mpbattle was game running so the problem have to be in mpbattle folder, right?

    The last thing I would try depend on you was changing folder is check and best the replace this files with files from newest version of mpbattle. If you have no one of that files modded, which I think it's files which wouldn't be modded. Make backup of course first.

    and all yft and ytd files of oppressor2

    I think it's all files from mpbattle which can affect oppressor2. If this don't help I have no idea if it start bugging when you changed mpbattle folder and wasn't adding any other mods or scripts at the time :thinking:


    @ArmaniAdnr annoyingly i've already tried it will probably just have to update my game lol

  • Sso look every folder in your mpbattle folder vs newest mpbattle folder to match if you are not missing any file (I noticed when was replacing files from old update.rpf to the newest update.rpf, that some folders have added and some have deleted few files).

    If it's allright and even replacing whole mpbattle folder don't help, then I don't see other way , only update:weary:

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