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Vehicle.rpf list?

  • So upon installing replaceable car mods, I realized how stupidly tedious it is. Does anyone have a vehicle.rpf list of what cars is in which vehicle.rpf? It's a tad bit annoying having to cycle through each to find the right car. Not sure if there''s a better way to do this but it's annoying.

  • Just simply click on lens icon in OpenIV and write there your car name. You would see in which all folders is your vehicle. .meta and files are always in same dlc folders as your .yft and .ytd file of vehicle.

    About dlc, .meta and .ymt is never in 'patchdayX' folders but only in for example 'mpassault' 'mpheist' etc.

    When your vehicles .yft and .ytd files are in x64e folder, the .meta and .ymt files are in update.rpf and common.rpf (just search for .meta or .ymt file and it would be at the first place). But in this case you are not using carvariations.meta and carcols.meta but carvariations.ymt and carcols.ymt. Vehicles and handling files are alway .meta, never .ymt.

    Simply use search for .meta and .ymt files too. But take care, most of these files are there twice. One is in update.rpf/dlc_patch and one in update/x64/dlcpacks. But in search you always have them in order. First is common.rpf, then update.rpf then all dlc_patches, then all dlpacks in update/x64.


    Just put the vehicle files in your most recent patchday and it’ll load the modded one over the vanilla

  • @Siuns Install this:
    Modding DLC Pack V

    Spares you from a lot of trouble
    Install it and simply drop your cars in the vehicles.rpf in there

  • @BEModsV but you don't know how much vehicles he want replace, remember that if rpf file goes over 4GB your game would start crashing on loading screen. For example I'm using for replace vanilla rpf (but in mods folder of course), but for x64e which own lot of vehicles and have big size I created new dlc folder and doing what @Reacon wrote - adding new vehicles here to override vanilla vehicles.

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