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[Vehicle + Weapon + Player + Script] The Enforcers from the SWAT KATs series

  • In this forum, many others have requested the Turbokat from the SWAT Kat series to be added as a mod. I love this idea due to the popularity of the series. It was then I remembered that the Enforcers from the series and believed that they too should receive attention.

    For those who do not know the Enforcers or just have forgotten about them, they are the paramilitary law enforcement unit from the SWAT Kats series which the main protagonist were former members before they were expelled that drove them to become the SWAT Kats. So in a sense in GTA V, they will function like the LSPD because they might have military grade weapons but they are law-enforcement rather than a true military. So in a sense you are looking at a militarized LSPD and they will be a good addition.

    The reason why there are four categories is because of the sheer scale of the Enforcers. We are not just talking about the vehicles that the Enforcers uses, but also their uniform, their weapons and (surprise) their behaviour should someone decide to incorporate the Enforcers into the LSPDFR. Due to the large amount of content, it is going to take a while.

    there are links provided below from the SWAT Kats encyclopedia for modding reference

    Vehicles, (note in the wiki it is said that all Enforcer vehicle weapons minus missles are laser weapons - if there is a need to be faithful then there is a need for laser weapon effect to be incorporated)
    Enforcer Choppers - Standard LSPD choppers with laser miniguns (https://swatkats.info/entries/enforcer-chopper/)
    Enforcer Jets - Military Jet (role similar to the LAZER) - (https://swatkats.info/entries/enforcer-jet/)
    Enforcer Blue Manx Jet from the episode The Ghost Pilot in Season 1 - Military Jet (role similar to the LAZER and FAR better looking) - (https://swatkats.info/entries/blue-manx-fighter-jet/)
    Enforcer Tank/Peacekeeper Tank - Tank in Fort Zancudo, Police Riot that can directly attack players (https://swatkats.info/entries/enforcer-peacekeeper-tank/)*

    • Need to have missiles (because it has missile launchers in the original series) and that it has laser cannons (can be fooled with rail gun effect) - this may be the toughest thing to code

    Enforcer Sedan - Police Interceptor and Cruiser - (https://swatkats.info/entries/enforcer-sedan/)
    Enforcer Commander Sedan - Police Interceptor and Cruiser with better stats and different paint scheme - (https://swatkats.info/entries/ferals-sedan/)

    Weapon models (Note that they are also laser weapons according to the wiki)
    Enforcer Rifle used by the enforcer commandos - Image reference from the enforcer commando page ((https://swatkats.info/entries/enforcer-commandos/)
    Enforcer Laser Pistol - image reference from commander feral gallery page (image 1264-66) (https://swatkats.info/entries/commander-feral/image-gallery/13/)

    Player models (uniforms only)
    Enforcer Commando Uniform= NOOSE, military soldiers in Fort Zancudo or police units with Kevlar vest (wanted level 3) - (https://swatkats.info/entries/enforcer-commandos/)
    Enforcer Officer/Sergeant Uniform- normal police officer - (https://swatkats.info/entries/enforcer-sergeants/)
    Commander Feral Uniform - Unique character - (human and cat version - this is GTA ) - (https://swatkats.info/entries/commander-feral/)
    Lieutenant Felina Feral Uniform - Female Officer (human and cat version) - (https://swatkats.info/entries/felina-feral/)
    Enforcer Pilot Uniform - Helicopter Pilots (https://swatkats.info/entries/enforcer-pilots/)

    Scripts -
    Enforcers as LSPD - basically replacing the LSPD with the more heavily armed units appearing in higher wanted levels or restricted especially the base. Also in 5 stars Enforcers will use their jet fighters to try and stop you. Unlike the series, the Enforcers in this mod are extremely smart and will not be as incompetent as in the show.

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