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Number Keypad 0 on PedsAddOns doesn't work to get abilities.

  • I have done everything that I can but now I really need help. When I press L yes the add ons are all working but the problem is when I pressed 0 in the number keypad, the ability pad wont show up. I tried finding where the files for the control to the mods in settings and the root directory of my GTA V files. It just won't show up. I really need some help. I recently installed the skins of wonder woman, deadpool and the children of thanos successfully but they dont have abilities because the number keypad 0 doesnt work.

  • I don't recall the addonpeds spawner being able to apply "abilities". What kind of abilities? Like since you installed Thanos, you are wanting his special abilities right?

    Its a another script that you have to install, mostly likely you're gonna have to get it from JulioNIB.

    Wonder woman script is on this site.

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