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Change Picture needs a warning... perhaps?

  • Change Picture = catastrophe.

    I've just spent an age writing about 1300 characters into my About Me box. I clicked "Change Picture" as a I thought it would just pop up a box or something asking me to load one or pick one. Instead it took me to a completely different page and when I tried to go back, it said I was trying to access a page that I was denied access to. :(

    So having learned the lesson the hard way and for the sake of the sanity of others, could a warning be added that says "Changing your picture will leave this page, do you want to save your changes before you leave?" when you click that button?

  • @LeeC2202 I second your opinion.

  • Further to this, I have no idea what is actually happening with my forums profile... here's what I do.

    I select Profile > Edit Profile, click on Change Picture and it takes me to the Edit Profile page for the main site. :confused:

    Is there some cross-linking issue between profiles? @rappo

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah, this may be an issue or the feature to have two different profile pictures is removed...

  • @Akila_Reigns I'm not sure because my main site profile now has a picture but on the forums, I'm an orange square... which given the colour of my hair, some might deem appropriate. :)

  • @LeeC2202 I'm sure @rappo will fix this..0_1474299438128_upload-19ab3356-b062-43f2-be3f-aa97d18ee9c6
    I want to update mine too.

  • I did the same about a week ago. I have no idea how to update my forum avatar to be the main website's one!

  • Basically the issue is that I'd like to have the profile picture be updated in only one place, which is the main website. There's currently a bug where it doesn't get carried over when you change it (only the first time you ever visit the forums). @LeeC2202 and @DazRave I've updated your forum avatars in the meantime. I can also look into adding an alert when I fix that bug.

  • @rappo Thank you.

  • @rappo Legend! Thank you :)

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