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Ready GTA V upgrade files in the form of an installer - Is it possible?

  • Hello, I have a question regarding the installation of GTA V and the update. Of course I have original GTA V with box and key.

    1. Is there a way / way to download ready-made update packages from the network to the latest patch in the form of installations so that GTA V does not download DLC from the network, but I can download them straight from my drive?

    2. If there are no ready installers on the network to update, is there any way that I can install such installers myself out of the installed GTA V with patches or to get them when downloading from the network when my computer downloads the update to the game.

    I would like to have the game installation files + the latest update on my disk to be able to install everything without using DVDs and the internet. Regards ;)


    i don't think they exist


    URLs to the files are on http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/gtav/versioning.xml, but the game patch can't be downloaded directly via your browser.

  • If you mean some type of backup existing files then yes. You can save them in external drive and then use them, anyway social club will check if you have them all everytime you start it. I'm not sure about some base installation files but all files as 64x.rpf would be just copied.

    You can try to backup them, then uninstall GTA V, put them back to the installation folder (if no moded files stay there and folder is deleted, just create it) and try to install GTA V back (make sure you choose folder with files as installation file). I never try this by I think it would be some type of superfast installation because it would skip all this rpf files. Or it may be just one big error fail :grin:

    But if you mean download new patches by browser then answer is no, I think it's not much realistic to be able to do that because nobody have reason to upload newest dlc and update.rpf files online.

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