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its really sad smdh

  • well you know it is really sad that all these yrs later and I still can't get anyone to make a black girl add on ped and yet no matter how many times I asked hell even politely it will never get made cause everyone and their mother wants to do anime toons that don't even remotely look Asian not to mention if people can make other people from their real life counterparts that isn't in any game themselves why can't my request get made wait I know why cause no one likes black girls they think they are not attractive enough or too ugly in their eyes or better yet they just don't like black girls it's sad it has to be like that.


    Creating a character from scratch is pretty labour-intensive, so most ped mods here are textures/skins and rigged models from somewhere else. If you could provide a (reference to a) character model in the Request section, the chance that someone picks it up is higher.


    @TR71777 or they don't feel like it. no one is required to make ANY mods that are requested

  • @TR71777 Geezus man, give it up already, LOL. You would have thought you learnt your lesson by now!

  • @eshenk wow what lesson is that what I can't say how I feel this wasn't a request either you didn't read did you this is a how I feel how the site is and I take it your one of those that don't want black girls in this mod site

  • @TR71777 Well, you need to confront the truth about your past on this subject matter - you have a notorious history of pestering people to make mods for you that no one wants to do. How many posts like this have you made, what maybe a couple dozen? Finally, you seemed to accept that no one wants this, and you move on. Then after about 6 months of silence, you ramp it up again. Dude, it's over man, it's just so effing over, LOL.

  • I don't understand this insist nonsense about making a 3D black woman..The game already have an attractive "black hooker" (s_f_y_hooker_03) which only need more tweaks and better textures.

    Dude...Do you think we all have ZBrush in our computers to create from scratch your "dreams" 3D black woman ?? Do you think is that easy ?

    Are you willing to pay over $200 to a professional 3d sculptor such a consuming time project ?

    WE ARE NOT GAME DEVELOPERS !! We are modders !! Get over it.

    Modding is about our self desires then we share it with the community. Not modding as a required mandate from others. Sorry but this it.

    Reacon about 8 hours ago
    @TR71777 or they don't feel like it. no one is required to make ANY mods that are requested

    Very true !

    Our "Request" session doesn't mean "WE ARE OBLIGATED". Just post your idea and see if someone is interested but if not body show interest you have two ways:

    1- Learn to do it yourself or
    2- Just give up.

  • This post is deleted!

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