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CEO Side Missions for SP

  • With Mods like Treasure Hunt from Alex106, Online Events Redux and Ammunation Hijacking Events the Freemode gets more interesting.
    Can someone bring the CEO/VIP Sidemissions into SP?

    Cant remember how they are exactly called, u have to kill targets in a certain time, get the location with the city-travel-app and so on. It would be a very nice Addition to the other mods.
    I've searched for similiar mods, but they are mostly not compatible with the other mods above.(be a bodyguard, zombie mods,) the gang and turf mod is compatible but its not exactly what im searching for.

  • @MaxLuk
    You mean the VIP missions (sightseer, hostile takeover and the assassin mission) you can do solo in freeroam?
    I hope someone competent will make these missions for SP someday.
    That would be really nice!

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