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Help learning to import Daz3d ped into GTA5

  • So, i was looking at the peds in game and they look horrible. I make models in daz3d and wondering if it possible to import and use them in GTA5.

    Also, i want to try to model some vehicles, I already create livery/skins for vehicles and figure the next step would be to model one.


  • @Whisper_PGG Daz 3D End User License Agreement not allows export their models to external applications to be shared, only for User's exclusive use. A time ago, few copyright reclamations by Daz owners were applied here for some peds skins created from their resources and were deleted by C&D letters.

    If you feel lucky, go to Zmodeler3 youtube channel to learn the pipeline for GTA V ped convertions and get useful tips, guides and answers in Zmodeler3 GTA V forum.

  • @Whisper_PGG You can but only for personal use. Never share DAZ Studio characters on 5MODS.com

    I use Hexagon for subdivision surface. It's a great tool.:ok_hand_tone2:

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