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[SCRIPT][RELEASED] Complex Control - A Roguelite with BR-lite elements

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    This project is purely Single Player and coded in C#.
    There are no plans for Multiplayer.

    You play as Avatars, special units equipped with a Teleportation ability as well as 3 unique abilities, Avatars are never the same and you will always have different kits. There's always something new to experience every run. If you're successful you can keep the avatar and use it on your next match. Spawn in a random location on the map and try to win by standing in the last zone for 4 Seconds.


    The mod has a custom user interface, stats page and more. Since this is a script, it replaces no files. Every files are read externally through vnet. Making it very easy to uninstall safely.

    This mod uses many of the Multiplayer Content. So you need all the Multiplayer Updates. I don't know where you can get them, but you need them. The mod will stop at a specific # when preloading assets if you don't, you will be unable to play the mod. On the Steam version there's nothing to worry about because they are included automatically.

    All found in the mod description tab. You can customize controls and find more information about the game inside the ingame Database (Highly recommended).

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