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Zmod3 not exporting, error message (posted in the description)

  • I'm currently working on but for some reason it says "can't obtain shader material from misc 2 generic . file REM(rage something something).cpp line 126" any help would be much appreciated.

  • When exporting it should be the same file name that you want to export(um what),



    Here is a PED and we want to export it. So the name is ig_natalia. When we export it, it should remain as ig_natalia when you export it. And you should get a message at the bottom saying this.0_1535128272874_2.JPG

    Now what happens if you change ig_natalia to ig_natalia1?
    This happens,

    The reason is that Zmodeler will overwrite the filename so in this case ig_natalia1. But since the file name that we are exporting which is ig_natalia, it will not go through and give you an error.

    Its confusing, but yea thats how it is.

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