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Zmodeler 3 account setup license problem

  • Anyone can help me with first start of Zmodeler?

    • I downloaded Zmodeler3
    • I created account on website
    • I added my computer
    • I activated trial license
    • PC screen in my computers section of website is glowing so license was activated
    • zmodeler was updating and now have 'v' here so it have connection to go online
    • I tryed run it as administrator

    But still when I go to account setup and add there my website account login username and password which I set for my platform in 'my computers' section on website, nothing happend. I click Apply, then OK, then restart Zmodeler and still no license loaded.

    I know many people had this problem but on Zmodeler forum admin is still repeating that same steps which I wrote upside, I did all...

  • Did you validate it in the My license section after you activated it?

  • @ArmaniAdnr you should take this to zmodeler 3 forums

  • @MegaDeveloper


    yes I did first step, then second step + click OK (tryed apply too), but still after restart dont see loged zmodeler as is on the third picture. Screen of computer is glowing what means its activated.

    @FoxtrotDelta I'm writing here to see if anyone here had this problem and find out how to solve it because I think here is better community. I read more posts on zmodeler forum and in every problem admins jsut wrote the same, still again and again which don't help any of that people. For me it didn't helped too, it's just steps which I wrote here, I did all :/

  • yup, Idid same prouble of this Software

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