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what happened to Watch Your Death mod

  • it was my favorite mod out there because it added to my roleplay/gameplay and it just vanished off the site.
    give that it needed a few bug fixes and updates.

    if anyone can share a fixed version of it id be grateful or if anyone knows of a mod being made just like it because I love the manual respawn and hate the wasted screen.

  • @princegaz What happened? It died a sudden death, LOL.

  • @princegaz
    It was removed. Send me a PM or e-mail me at iamjfry@gmail.com, and we can talk about the problems you're having.


  • I need help every time I die if I get back in the same car I died in I re-die also I want to get rid of that trollish ragdoll

  • @princegaz
    the trollish ragdoll can be set on another button.
    open the config file and change it.
    hold down the button for a longer push.
    in case your corp stck on a mountain and you wanna see it roll down.#
    you gotta use this push button.

    the problem i have beside re-die in car is that i cant arrest people in LSPDFR.
    they do the animation but before they get down on the ground they start to attack me.
    you can repeat it for a very long time. thats why i cant use it.

    the 2nd MOD No Wasted is what i use.
    problem : i cant look around the corp. fixed view
    and you cant not get back to life on same spot without hospital.

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